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Anyone who has seen a real slot machine, or has seen one in an online casino, can certainly attest to the fact that it is an interesting, very peculiar game. All slot machines have always been designed to attract the attention of players and benefit the casino. But the point is that as time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to impress people, so the development of casino games becomes a more and more delicate and complex job. We want to tell you how online casino games are developed - who does it, how long it takes to develop them and what you should know about them. Let's get started!

Online casino games don't come out of thin air

It always starts with a thought or an idea. Shiny, sparkly and promising slot games are no exception. An idea for a game can come from the discovery of a new game model or algorithm, a good idea for a new look and feel for an existing game, an update of an old game, or the transfer of a physical version of a game to a virtual space. As always, an idea is not enough. It takes a lot of work, done properly by people with different competences. Only then can a real, working, popular and successful online casino game be created. 

Who is working on the game and where are they working?

To start with, there are plenty of people in the world who could develop or contribute to online slot games. However, almost all of them work for one of the dozen or so companies that control the oligopolistic gaming market. Yes, there are smaller companies, but the biggest casinos around the world prefer brands such as EGT (Bulgaria), IGT (UK), Microgaming (UK), NetEnt (Sweden), Playtech (UK) and Novomatic (Austria). 

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As you can see, the biggest players are based in Europe, and it is the continent that is home to around 70-80% of all online slots and casino games.

As for the teams that work on games, they are quite diverse and not always structured in the same way. However, we can see some similarities, even in very different companies, because game development still requires the same skills, regardless of the company structure.

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  • Artists, designers and illustrators - design the visual part of the game, animate it, set the theme and put it all together according to a plan they are given. Although they have a lot of creative freedom to depict things however they want, most of the time they draw and create according to a clear structured plan, so their creativity is severely constrained.
  • Programmers, technical staff - these people make artists' and designers' creations move and behave in the way the model intends. It's about adapting the game to HTML5 or another programming language, matching the game to the software, designing the security architecture and so on.
  • Mathematicians and modellers - Designers and programmers use the models they create to carry out their tasks. Often, a computer does the work.
  • Others - If you have a large budget, you can hire a sound engineer, creative team leader or other additional staff.  

Testing and market launch

After a game is developed, it needs to be tested before it can be released on the market. The first stage of testing is hiring testers. The developers look for random people (or already have some contacts) who they invite to a certain location and they test the game for a few hours. Only with thousands of pieces of unique data can the game be passed on to independent evaluators. They are needed here to check that the game has been developed fairly. Special algorithms investigate whether the outcome of the game is truly random. Records of all games are kept by these panels. 

Finally, once the game has been approved by an independent evaluator, it can see the light of day. The developers then contact the casinos or bundle the game and try to sell them to the various casinos, which do not develop the games but only buy a licence to run them on their website.

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