Games of chance

You've probably heard the term gambling many times before. But what is it? Do you know which gambling games are available online or in real venues that host gambling houseswhich are the most popular and most liked by people? Can you imagine how to choose the most profitable (or at least the least profitable) place to gamble? We'll discuss all this and more on this page. 

Frequently asked questions

❓ What is gambling?

Games of chance, or gambling, are those in which winning is determined mainly by luck. Of course, in some games of chance, strategic knowledge can also help you get very close to winning.

❓ What is RTP?

Concept RTP defines the amount of bets the casino returns to players. This amount is expressed as a percentage. In most cases, it is only worth gambling when the RTP (rakeback) is greater than 95%.

❓ How is a Live Casino different from a regular online casino?

Live casinos make you feel as if you are in a physical gambling house. You see the casino staff and their actions in real time. You can watch the roulette wheel spin and where the balls stop. You watch the cards being dealt and the winnings being set. You can even chat with the dealer.

❓ What are the most popular card games of chance?

You'll probably find Poker in every casino. It's the most popular card game of chance. Other card games of chanceBlackjack, Baccarat and Video Poker. Of these games, Video Poker is the most similar to slot machines. Blackjack and Baccarat use real cards, but unlike Poker, you are not competing against other people, but against the casino itself.

❓ How are slot machines categorised according to the frequency of wins?

If you haven't tried it yet slots, decide what kind of winnings you want. There are three options: 

  1. high volatility (high but rare wins); 
  2. medium frequency and medium volatility;
  3. small but frequent wins (low volatility).

If you want to go for spectacular prizes, choose progressive slots. They offer jackpots that are based on the number of people who play, which builds up a prize pool.

What is gambling?

A gamble is one in which luck is a major factor. Strategy plays a very small role. It is most useful in card games, whereas in games such as slots, bingo, keno or lotteries, you have very little influence yourself.

One of the first games of chance was dice games. The dice used for these games were gaming dice. You simply had to guess what number of hearts would come up and the one closest to the truth would win. Another variation of the dice game was to roll them. In this case, the winner was the one whose dice rolled with the highest amount of eyes facing upwards. Later, a much wider variety of games using cards or balls were developed.

Online and real casino games and their types

A type of gambling lotto is the game of Bingo and Keno lotto

Gambling is most commonly found in real or virtual casinos. Although, of course, you can also play one or the other at home.

The most popular online games are:

Online cash gambling online

Gambling for Money Online - Top Strategy Tips

Card games of chance

As you already know, players who are not confident of their own success may choose games where they can make a difference. The most common use of strategy is in poker and other card games of chance. 

Card games of chance include:

Free Casino Gambling Card Games Online

Blackjack game

Blackjack is also known in Lithuanian as the card game akis 21. How to play Blackjack?

The rules of blackjack are such that strategy is very important in this game. Here, your decisions increase or decrease your risk of getting burnt. Sudegate in this game then, when your card points total exceeds 21. So if you score 22 points or more, there is no turning back and you lose your bet. The good thing is that the banker can get burnt too (in this game you are not competing against other people, but against the casino itself). 

Blackjack Casino Game - Rules and Strategy

Blackjack at a casino or playing with friends you win if you score 21 points (Blackjack is also known as card game 21 for a reason) or your point total will be higher than the banker's. 

If 21 points are scored by the first two cards dealt, you win immediately. In the same case, the banker wins immediately.

If the point total is lower, then a blackjack strategy is needed to understand whether or not it is better to take the extra card or cards.

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Baccarat Rules and Card Placement

Baccarat rules state that in Baccarat you can only choose what you bet on (player, pot or draw). You do not decide when to withdraw here.

In this game, when you bet on different things, the payouts vary:

  • After building per player, you get 1:1;
  • If you are building for the bank - you get the same 1:1, 5% only from winning will have to be handed in (taxes);
  • For a draw when betting, payouts 9:1 or 8:1 (this depends on the casino). 

The probability of winning is highest when you bet on the pot and lowest when you bet on a tie.

In Baccarat, you will not be able to choose how many cards to hold in your hand. You'll have either two or three. The pot also has these two options. When playing online, the software calculates for itself whether or not to deal the third card. In the end, the winner is the one with 9 points (or the one with the highest point total).

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Video Poker

Video poker and its cards

In Video Poker, you can choose which cards to keep and which cards to discard in order to get new cards instead. It is important to carefully analyse which cards are most useful in specific types of video poker. For example:

  • Playing Jacks or Better best to stay pairs of valets, ladies, kings or aces;
  • Deuces Wild the smartest thing to do in the game is not to throw it away binaryas they help to create many different combinations.

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In betting, luck is a big factor, but if you analyse the possible outcomes in advance and betting predictions, it is possible to bet on what is more likely to happen.

Best bet Live bookmakersbecause you can then change your mind before the game if you see that, for example, the best player in your team has suffered an injury and will not be able to play.

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Casino Roulette Game

European casino roulette game free online

How to play Roulette? The rules of Roulette are that it all depends on what number the ball lands on. The best strategy for Casino Roulette is to bet on more numbers at the same time. In this case, you will have a better chance of winning (of course, the winnings themselves will be correspondingly lower than if you bet on one specific number).

Parking is available for:

  • one number;
  • two figures;
  • three figures;
  • four numbers;
  • six numbers;
  • twelve numbers;
  • eighteen numbers.
Casino Roulette Game Rules, Strategy and Table

Also, choose the type of roulette you play carefully, as each type has different casino advantages. The most popular types of online roulette are:

  • European Roulette casino;
  • American Roulette online;
  • French Roulette in casinos.

The smallest advantage is in French Roulette and the largest in American Roulette. American roulette online and in real casinos even has two zeros (0 and 00), which reduces the chances of your chosen number, colour or other things you bet on falling out. Nevertheless, a Roulette table of any kind gives you the chance to have a really good time.

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Casino Slots Online and in Real Places

A room with lots of slots - casino slots online free online

The principle of the game is to simply spin the reels and wait for them to stop. Then you will see specific symbols. If those symbols are on the paylines, then you are lucky and get the prize money shown on the game board (rules). Online slots are probably the easiest to get to grips with gambling.

Online slots are very different. When choosing a slot machine, you need to decide whether you want lots of small wins or one big one.

  • If you choose a big prize, then you have to invest a lot of money before you can finally win it.
  • For those who play for fun, it's better to choose lots of small wins to keep the fun going for longer.
Free Slots Online and their Tricks

You can get an idea of how much and how big the winnings will be in a particular slot by looking at its Variability. In high volatility slots, winnings will be less frequent but higher. And vice versa.

You also need to pay attention to the slot machine in question RTP. Specific online slots indicate their RTP percentage. Choose the game with the highest RTP. There are some cases where this amount is not written. In this case, just pass by and choose something else.

Remember, the first thing you need to try is slots for free (demos). This will give you an idea of which specific online slots you like best. The most popular slots are Jolly Joker - try them out. Free Slots Online - a really great solution for beginners.

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Bingo game

Bingo bingo table game rules - Balls and cards

How to play Bingo? The casino table game Bingo rules have the best strategy - play when there are the fewest players. In this case, you will have the best chance of being the first to cross off all the card numbers. It's also worth buying more playing cards (sometimes Bingo Lotto has promotions, so buying more even gives you a discount, which helps you to save money, making your winnings even more valuable).

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Keno lotto

Kenoloto online rules - balls and cards

The rules of Keno Lotto are somewhat similar to those of Bingo and lotteries. In Kenoloto, it is best to have multiple tickets for one specific game, rather than one ticket for each game. The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win at least one of them.

Another important point is that, as the Kenoloto rules allow us to decide what numbers we will bet on. For this reason, it is better to choose less popular numbers. This way, if you win, you will have to share the prize with fewer people.

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Lotteries can be televised, there can be e-lotteries online, and there are instant lotteries online and through the purchase of actual paper tickets.

Instant eLottery game and tickets online

The lottery is the only game where luck determines whether you win, either online or by buying paper tickets, e.g. the instant lottery. Although you can increase your chances by buying more tickets for one game. This will increase your chances. Remember: one lottery ticket gives you one chance to win; multiple lottery tickets give you multiple chances. Most popular lotteries attracts a huge number of players, so with just one ticket you'll get "lost" in the crowd.

There is a popular option for increasing the odds of winning - group games. In this case, several people buy tickets for a specific game and, if successful, all share the winnings.

One more important thing - always check your lottery tickets very carefully! If you mix up even one number while checking, you could lose big money. So check several times and only then throw away the unlucky tickets.

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Gambling - what do I choose where to play?

Free online casino games also bring real winnings - lots of chips

Casino returns to players

First of all, always pay attention to the return offered by the casino for specific games. Casino returns also known as rakeback or shorter RTP. This amount determines what percentage of the total money spent on bets will be returned to players.

Returns are usually more than 95%. If it's lower, try looking for another place to gamble. Just don't be fooled, you won't get back the 95% on every bet. This figure covers a very large number of games and that 95% can be returned to as few as one in a hundred or a thousand players. 

The casino advantage

This value is the opposite of rakeback. To get its exact percentage, you have to subtract the RTP from 100%. So if the rakeback is 95%, the house edge in this case is 5%. That is a lot.

Casino games online or in physical locations - which is better?

You can gamble in real gambling houses or online. Online gambling is further divided into regular and Live (live or real-time).

Online casino games for real money

Gambling online is much more convenient than in a real casino, as you can do it from anywhere in the world. There is also a wide range of games available online that simply wouldn't fit in a real casino (one example is different online poker online types that real casinos cannot offer).

Of course, if you prefer to see a real gambling experience, with real staff, then choose a Live Casino. In this case, you'll see real cards being dealt; a roulette wheel spinning - Roulette Live; Bingo or Keno numbers being drawn - Keno Loto Live. Live real money online gambling gives you every opportunity to feel like you're in the thick of the action in a real casino.

Free gambling - how is it possible?

Online casinos also offer various bonuses to keep players coming to them. Just sign up, top up your account for the first time and get the same amount (provided by the casino from your account). So one top-up - double the benefits!

Online Gambling Online

Some casinos will also give you an extra bonus on top of doubling your account donated by and free spins on certain machines (casino slots online or roulette for free). This is a great opportunity to try something new.

Once you've taken advantage of all the casino bonuses, you'll realise that free games of chance really do exist.

Online casino games and demos

Online gambling games offer free demos of various games. For example: free slots online. A demo is very useful to get an idea of how the game is played, e.g.: Roulette for real money. You will also get to know the controls of other games, e.g. slot machines online for free. You will understand the rules of these games, the probabilities of winning and other things that are very relevant when playing for real money.

Gambling addiction - how to avoid it?

Online gambling addiction - a man bets even his own ring because the chips are too few

As everyone already knows, gambling can trap everyone in a cycle so deep that it can be very difficult to get out of it later. The first thing you have to do is not to dive in head first. Always determine how much time and money you can spend on gambling! Never invest in gambling money that is intended for your daily living (taxes, food, fuel, medical expenses, loan payments). Only spend money on gambling that you have saved for entertainment.

If this doesn't work and you feel you are sinking deeper and deeper, then you should write an application to prevent you from gambling, either online or in person. This is a very good and reliable way to get out before you lose all your money.