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Many people are probably under the impression that free cheese is only available in mousetraps. Often, this is true, but not this time. Playing poker for free actually does exist. This is because the companies have to somehow attract players to themselves. So, Poker for real money online is available to anyone who takes advantage of the free bonuses offered by companies.

Free poker and its types

Poker is a game of chance that is becoming increasingly popular in Lithuania. It is not only young people who play poker, but also middle-aged and older poker enthusiasts or top poker professionals. Since the day when gambling became more widely known in society, poker has attracted a lot of attention and eventually reached its peak of popularity. As the game is rapidly expanding on the internet, you can find a wide range of free play options, such as: poker online for free.

Frequently asked questions

❓ Do free poker games exist?

✓ Yes. Different poker rooms offer bonuses for first-time joiners. The most common is doubling your first deposit from your company account.

❓ Which rooms have the best free poker games?

Compiled by list of free poker rooms. You'll receive real money in your account to spend on games or have the chance to play in free tournaments.

❓ What types of free poker games can I play?

Free poker games are categorised as follows:

  • games you play for fun;
  • Poker that can bring you cash prizes.

❓ How can you get real money by playing free poker?

Free poker games where you can win something fall into the following two groups:

  • bonuses for room registration and first top-up;
  • Free poker tournaments.

❓ What are free tournaments?

These are tournaments with no or minimal entry fees. They are awarded by the poker rooms that organise the tournaments. These can be gifts of some kind or tickets to higher-end tournaments where the prizes are much more valuable.

How can I play for free?

Free poker games are divided into two groups: games that are fun to play and games that can bring real money.

Poker games online for free, but without cash winnings:

  • Various apps for playing against the computer system;
  • Apps for live play.

Play poker for free with cash prizes or other real wins:

  • Sign-up bonuses at serious poker rooms;
  • Free poker tournaments.
Cards and Chips - Play Poker Online Free

What does poker online for free look like?

Free poker online without winnings

Often, people who are still learning the rules and other intricacies of poker choose to practice online for free. After all, it's not always possible to gather a group of friends to play with. It's also very helpful to understand how the poker card combinations and how to use them in the game. Because we have nothing to lose, we are not afraid to take risks.

Free poker games that can bring you big money

When you searched for free poker, you were probably hoping to find some information that you could use to play without investing anything. Well, there is such information, and it's real. Poker game in which case it becomes not only a pleasant activity, but can also bring in real money.

Poker rooms usually offer new members a variety of bonuses when they sign up for the room. This tactic helps to attract new players in the hope that they will stay there. How does this work?

Colourful chips and a big stack of cash - Free Online Poker

Poker rooms double the first top-up with their own money. Let's say you sign up and deposit €50. The company will add another equal amount. So your initial capital will no longer be €50 but €100. That's how free poker money usually works. If you increase this amount even further, you will have already won quite a lot of money with a really small initial deposit.

Free poker tournaments

Another type of free poker is free tournaments. What is it?

Don't think you'll enter a free tournament and win loads of money. You won't. But don't despair, when you win freerolls, you get tickets to serious tournaments with really big prizes. Freerolls are a very good investment in your future. It's important to keep learning and improving your skills so that you can win something valuable.

Poker for free online. Where to play?

Black, Green and White Chips - Free Online Poker

How do you choose a free poker room?

Assess safety

All companies with some kind of cash flow ask for the personal details of the people registering: bank account number or payment card details; a copy of their passport or ID card. These are documents that show people's personal initials: name, surname, ID number. So only choose rooms that do not misuse this data and leak information to unknown places, and the room must be hacker-proofed to prevent hackers from breaking in and stealing data or emptying personal accounts.

Always think carefully about whether it's worth registering for new, unfamiliar rooms. Make the most of it our list of poker rooms. The places mentioned here are really safe and have free poker games.


Imagine you have checked into a room with free online poker. This room offers a bonus of 200%. Now there's a gift! And you're hooked. You deposit €500, the company adds another €1,000 to your account and you're happy to play. But when it's time to cash out, it's like... I can't do it, support doesn't know anything about it, etc. Not a fun situation?

Chips and Money - Poker Online Free

So only sign up to trusted rooms that pay out money quickly and without any scams. Check out reviews of specific rooms, use a list of our trusted rooms and then feel free to register, deposit and start playing poker for free. This way, you're sure to get your money back.

Strength of players

If you're signing up for the first time to a site that offers poker games online for free, for free online play, you probably have no idea what kind of opponents you'll face. Even if it's poker online for free, you might lose everything you've deposited and even the bonuses won't help. We advise you to choose rooms with a large number of weak players. These people can be called fish, because the more professional poker players just hunt them down, fill their pots with their bets and use the winnings to increase their bankroll.

There are plenty of weak players in the 888 Poker Room, so it's worth trying your hand there. How to play poker rules In this article you will find a lot of useful information that will help you to learn how to fish for these fish and thus to find your way to success.

A man learns how to play poker - free online poker tournaments and games

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