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If you've ever played poker before, you'll know it's a really fun activity. This card game can bring in a lot of profit. Of course, only if you have mastered the stunning techniques and know your way around, how to play poker online. Online poker is a great place to play. Online poker has been popular in Lithuania for quite some time. The best poker rooms offer a wide range of game options, so you can choose what you're most comfortable with.

How do I choose the best place to play poker online?

I have myself experienced cases where, although poker is played for real money, the poker rooms delays in paying money - I've waited three months or more for money to be paid. For this reason, I do not suggest checking into unknown, small and unreliable looking rooms. Therefore, I will provide you with a list of good, world-renowned poker rooms where you can play with confidence and win money. I'll also tell you what to look for when choosing a poker room. And what are the biggest dangers.

Frequently asked questions

❓ Where is the best place to play poker online?

Best rooms onlinefeaturing real money poker online. These sites have a good reputation, are safe and pay out winnings really fast.

❓ Is it important to choose the right online poker site?

Yes. This is a must! Going to any little-known room can cause you to lose your money and personal data. This will never happen in trusted rooms, so choose responsibly who you trust with your information.

❓ What is the best way to choose a room for online poker online?

We've selected the most important criteria to consider before checking in to a particular room:

  1. The room's reputation and lifetime;
  2. Customer service;
  3. Number of players;
  4. Number of games;
  5. Cash withdrawals;
  6. Bonuses and rakeback.

❓ Are the tips on where to play poker online always correct?

No. Some players can be hostile to certain rooms, so if you take their opinion into account, you could be making a mistake and missing out on a chance to play in a really good room with online poker in Lithuania.
Another important point is that people may be contracted to certain rooms, so only offer others what they get money for.

❓ What are the best ways to cash out poker winnings?

Here are the most the best ways to cash out poker winnings. The money will be deposited into your personal account very quickly and you can use it.

What should I look for when choosing where to play poker?

Forum commentators

Laptop and chips on it - Poker in Lithuania for real money online

I'm probably not surprised to hear that the internet is full of "unhappy people" who complain everywhere about how unlucky they are, etc. Something like the "delfi commentators". So don't be fooled, if you go to the dedicated websites, people are just "taking the piss" out of the biggest poker companies. They even make up lies about how they are cheating and taking their money. Most of the time these people do this for a very simple reason: they just don't understand poker probabilities, the essence of poker, +EV thinking.

In the short term, luck is a big factor in poker. However, if you are dealt a hand of AA starting cards, it doesn't mean you will win. I can't help wondering how many people whine when their aces lose. You must know better, how to play poker with cardsbut also not to cringe if you don't succeed.

So, when choosing a new online poker room, you should pay attention to the comments made by players. But remember: if you want to avoid the problem mentioned above (unjustified "flagging" of certain poker rooms), it is best to pay attention to the comments of good, well-known, honest players. It is important that such players are not under contract to poker rooms. Those who have such contracts will usually just advertise the poker room and you will not get any objective information.

Red Chips - Where best to play poker online

Stories from friends

It's best to trust your good friends, who you know are really living and earning from poker. Ask them for their opinion on the best places to play, what kind of poker sites they choose how best to start. Online poker is already really popular in Lithuania, so many people have tried it. For this reason, it is best to speak to someone who has been down this road themselves. If you don't have someone you can ask, or if you just don't want to bother your friends, then use's list of the best poker rooms where online poker is available in Lithuania.

How did we rate rooms with online poker?

Room age and good reputation

First, we assessed how long a particular room had been in existence and whether it had been "fixed" during its lifetime. This avoids two important issues:

  • rooms that are already dirty;
  • new poker rooms, which are unclear how long they will last.
Real chips go virtual on your phone - Poker for real money online in Lithuania

Customer service

Another very important highlight is the customer service and the room's attitude towards customers and problem solving. The real money online poker room needs to deal with them properly. So, the more reliable the room is, the more it respects its customers, helps them solve their problems, responds quickly, etc.

You should also check whether the online poker room in question can provide assistance in Lithuanian. After all, it's very difficult to get a grip on things when you can't communicate properly with the people working there.

Number of players

One of the main criteria for ranking poker rooms is the number of players: most people prefer to play where there are a lot of players, a lot of money and a lot of tournaments. If you know the game well, these rooms will be a great place to hunt for fish.

Although for beginners, small rooms are even better for beginners because they have a much smaller number of sharks.

Variety of games

Chips, Cards, Money - Real Money Online Poker in Lithuania

While most players play Texas Holdem poker, there are others poker games: such as Omaha, 5-card Omaha, 7-card stud, etc. Sometimes you want to try something new, or your skills are much stronger than in standard games. For this reason, we have also evaluated the rooms based on the number of different games on offer.

Cashout times

When we're lucky, we win money online - both in poker and betting. After a win, we usually want to feel that money in our hands as soon as possible - after all, we earned it honestly. Some rooms are very quick to pay out, while others take days. You won't find any rooms on our list that delay paying out winnings.

Rookie bonuses and rakeback 

This is something similar to the shares of the big supermarket chains. Maxima, Rimi and Iki all offer different loyalty schemes: what discounts you get, how much of what you spend on % you get back, etc. Poker rooms also have the same loyalty programmes and compete quite strongly with each other using them. You can get back as much as 100% of your initial deposit, that has a very high value. So this factor has also been taken into account in the room grading.

Online Poker - Where to play?

TOP companies

888 poker room

888poker is one of the oldest gaming rooms. This poker room is the latest poker site to follow. What makes 888poker unique is that you can see the other players while you play via webcam. 888poker also attracts a lot of poor poker players, and its field is one of the easiest to read. So this room is a must try for the serious poker professional.

Watch the video below to see how to set up your 888 poker room before your first hand


Betsafe - Lithuanian poker room. It is the largest Chinese poker room in the world. It also offers good tournaments for Lithuanian players. Betsafe is licensed to operate in Lithuania, so you can play here with complete confidence.

Adding to your poker account and transferring winnings to yourself

No one could argue that online cash poker is played for more than just fun. If people win something, they want to take advantage of it.

There are several popular ways to deposit money into a poker account:
A girl celebrates her winnings from online poker in Lithuania
  • Bank transfer. But it's a slow way of transferring money compared to others. It is also expensive as you need to pay a transfer fee.
  • Bank cards that can be used anywhere online. I personally use the AB SEB bank card - Visa Virtuon. It's safe to pay with this card because that's what it's for - online payments. It transfers money to your poker account in a matter of moments.  
  • Poker room friendly Skrill account. It is very easy to transfer money from anywhere else. As soon as you make a deposit from the 888 Poker Online Real Money Room, you'll receive money in your account instantly. And, most importantly, it's free. By the way, you can make a physical payment card for your Skrill account, which is sent by post, and then you can use it to pay at merchant outlets or to withdraw cash from ATMs.

A Visa Virtuon card and a Skrill account are quick and convenient ways to pay online, and I recommend them. So, when you're lucky enough to cash out in online poker and you've made a deposit in a tournament, you're ready to start spending right away.

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