Poker combinations

People who come across poker for the first time learn that it is a game with unique rules and winning opportunities. One of the things that these people encounter is poker hands. All the most popular poker variants have five-card hands. In some cases, these cards are personal, in others they are part personal and part community cards. Let's take a closer look at what combinations are involved in this game and how to play poker with certain cards.

Types of poker and making hands

Frequently asked questions

❓ How are poker hands made?

Before you play for the first time, you need to understand how poker hands are formed in specific games:

  • Texas Holdem Poker combinations are made up of a choice of:
  • five community cards;
  • one hole card and four community cards;
  • two hole cards and three community cards.

Omaha You can only make a poker hand from:
two hole cards and three community cards.

Stud and Draw In poker, card combinations consist of:
five personal cards.

❓ Which is the strongest poker hand?

The "royal colour" cuts out all other combinations. With this poker combination, you can be sure of your winnings.

❓ Which is the weakest combination?

If you have five unconnected cards in the "Highest Card", then all other combinations are stronger than yours.

❓ What is special about the ace in the hand?

There are poker combinations where the sequence of the cards is important: "Straight and Flush" and "Straight". In these hands, the Ace can be either the strongest or the weakest card. It all depends on where the card is used. For example: A-K-Q-J-T and 5-4-3-2-A.

❓ What do I need to know when making colour combinations?

In poker, there are 4 suits of cards, not the usual two. So to make a suit, you have to use exactly one type of card. Three hearts (red) and two reels (red) are not a "suit".

How poker hands are made

What are the most important poker rules for making a hand?

All poker hands are made up of cards of a certain rank and suit. Poker termsdescribing the cards, and the poker meanings, which indicate what the poker cards are worth, are very important.

Card colour

One rule you should remember is that there are four suits of cards in poker. So, when making poker hands where a colour is relevant, you must remember that black or red is not a colour. You must use the same type of cards for such hands.

Strength of cards

The strength of poker cards is also relevant in this game. All cards listed from strongest to weakest:

Poker card meanings and strengths - wines, clubs, hearts and drums
  • ace (A) - king (K) - queen (Q) - jack (J) - ten (10) - nine (9) - eight (8) - seven (7) - six (6) - five (5) - four (4) - three (3) - two (2);
  • king (K) - queen (Q) - jack (J) - ten of clubs (10) - nine of clubs (9) - eight of clubs (8) - seven of clubs (7) - six of clubs (6) - five of clubs (5) - four of clubs (4) - three of clubs (3) - two of clubs (2) - ace of clubs (A).

It may seem strange that an Ace is both the highest and the lowest card, but both are possible in straight hands. Don't forget this when you have 5-4-3-2-A cards. In this case, the Ace will help you get the right combination. Remember that the Ace only changes its value in consecutive hands. Otherwise it always has the highest value.

Poker combinations by strength

1) Royal Flush

Poker Combinations in Lithuanian - Royal Flag

This is the highest hand in poker. A royal flush consists of five cards of the same suit: hearts, clubs, diamonds, hearts or diamonds. And it must be the five highest-ranking cards of that suit: Ace (A), King (K), Queen (Q), Jack (J), Ten (T).

This combination is always a winner, so you can bet with confidence and even raise your bets to add to the game's pot.

2 ) Row and Colour (Straight Flush)

This is the second strongest hand in poker. It consists of five cards of the same suit in an unbroken row. An Ace can either start the line with A-K-Q-J-T or end it with 5-4-3-2-A.

If nobody has the Royal Colour, then you are a clear winner! This is a very good combination that allows you to play boldly and encourage your opponents to fill the pot, which you will probably get.

Poker Combinations - Row and Colour

Of course, if it happens that you are not the only one holding this hand, then you will have to compare the top cards of these hands. The winner is the one whose highest card is the higher value. If multiple players have the same, then a tie is declared and the pot is split in half.

3) Four Of A Kind

This is a hand that shows four cards of the same rank plus a fifth unrelated card. This is another hand that can make you feel quite bold and opt for a "bankroll" strategy.

Poker card combinations - four of a kind

When multiple players have these combinations, then, again similarly to the other cases, the winner is the one with the higher value combination. If the value of the combinations is the same, an additional free card is compared.

4) Full House

A full House consists of three cards of the same rank and two cards of the same rank. 

Full house poker hand

The strength of a hand depends primarily on three cards of the same rank. The higher the three cards, the stronger the hand. If the three cards are the same for several players, then two identical cards are compared. The one with the higher value wins. When the opponents also have two identical cards, we compare the free cards in the players' hands.

5) Colour (Flush)

A suit consists of five cards of the same suit.

Poker hands - colour

The higher the highest card in the hand, the stronger the hand. When the highest cards are the same for several people, we compare the lower cards until the last one.

6) Row (Straight)

A straight hand consists of five cards in a row, one after the other, in a continuous row.

Poker Rules and Combinations - Queue

Remember - you can use an ace here to make both the highest and lowest combination. Its value varies depending on the card a person needs.

When several players have a turn, the highest card is again compared.

7) Three Of A Kind

Seventh poker hand - Three of a Kind. This is a combination of three of a kind and two additional cards that are unrelated to the three of a kind.

Poker rules - three of a kind

Three of a kind are compared first if the hand is held by more than one player. And only if they are identical are the free cards compared.

8) Two Pairs

A two-pair hand consists of two suited cards, two more suited cards and one additional unrelated card.

Poker combinations - two pairs

First, we compare the higher-value pair of cards. If they match, compare the lower pair. Finally, we match the unconnected free card.

9) One Pair

A one-pair hand consists of two cards of the same rank and three unrelated cards.

Pair - one of the lowest poker hands in terms of strength

When multiple players have matched this combination, the highest pair wins. If they match, the free cards are compared.

10) High Card

A hand consists of five unrelated cards. In this case, the winner is the highest ranked card with the highest value. As the cards overlap, they are compared in descending order of rank.

Poker Combinations in English - Highest Card

Poker card combinations in a real game

Here are some examples of how the winner of a game is determined by showing the poker hands collected. This example reflects the game of Texas Holdem, as the different Types of poker changes the combinations to a certain extent.

1 example

  • Player A has the following cards: 7♠️ and 5♠️;
  • Player B: 6♣️ and 3♥️;
  • The community cards in Texas Holdem are 6♠️ 5♣️ 6♥️ 3♠️ and 9♠️ .
  • Player A's best hand is 9♠️-7♠️-6♠️-5♠️-3♠️. This is colour combination.
  • Player B managed to score: 6♠️-6♣️-6♥️-3♠️-3♥️. So he has a diligent workforce.
  • Let's compare these combinations. Since the Full Trebit is stronger than the Queue, Player B wins the pot.
Determining the winning hand

Example 2

  • Player A's hole cards are 5♠️ and A♠️;
  • Player B has the following cards in his hand: 8♦️ and 6♠️;
  • The five cards belonging to both players are 7♠️ 5♣️ 4♥️ 3♠️ 9♠️.
  • Person A has the following combination: 9♠️-7♠️-5♠️-3♠️-A♠️. This is colour combination.
  • B manages to get 9♠️-8♦️-7♠️-6♠️-6♠️-5♣️. This combination is called eile. As you can see, it can be of several order: 9-8-7-6-5; 8-7-6-5-4 or 7-6-5-4-3. Since the 9 is the highest card, it is the one that the man has chosen for his hand.
  • The colour combination is much stronger than the row combination, so this time Player A wins.
Card combinations and determining the winner

Looking at these examples, things are probably much clearer to you. During the game, we are always checking to see what we can do best, comparing suits, values and strengths. We look at what we've managed, whether there's a good chance we'll be able to get it right, and then we decide what the poker is a way of playing poker the best option for us - to take the risk and keep playing or to withdraw.

Poker rules and combinations

For those who prefer visuals, here is a very detailed video that gives you a clear overview of the game: poker hands in Lithuanian and how to make them.

Poker combinations pdf

Often in poker, all the preparation suddenly evaporates. You get the first cards and forget everything - which hand is stronger, which is the most worthwhile, etc. We've put together a "primer" for you: a poker hand chart is an essential tool for beginners, so you can refer to it at any time during the game.

Poker Hand Table pdf

We hope you have found the information on who is folding who and how to make poker hands in English useful. You can read about poker combinations in En here.

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