Online betting companies 2024

Betting is a very similar activity to other gambling for money online. If you are looking for a betting company online, always look carefully at the different options. As you are investing a lot of money in betting, it is very important not to make mistakes when choosing a company.

Frequently asked questions

❓ How do I choose a betting company?

When choosing a company to build with, consider the following:

  • the reliability of the company;
  • number of people building;
  • Attractive competition offers;
  • the timing of the payout of winnings;
  • whether live betting is possible.

❓ What if betting companies block me?

People in Lithuania often face difficulties in joining foreign betting companies. As these companies do not have a Lithuanian licence, they are blocked. In this case, it is recommended to use VPN applications or change your DNS settings. More information, how to avoid being blocked by betting companies.

❓ Which is the best betting company in Lithuania?

Many people probably get lost in the multitude of different betting companies. Here is a list of the most important ones, based on the most important evaluation criteria List of TOP betting companies.

❓ Which bookmakers are the best to bet on totals more?

Those who want to bet more on totals should choose companies that offset bets with extensions.

❓ Which bookmakers are the best for betting totals less?

Those who want to bet less on totals should choose companies that net all bets until renewal.

❓ What are total bets in basketball?

Total bets in basketball are usually related to points scored (by teams or players). There are also quarter totals: bets on how many points will be scored in each quarter. It is a good idea to read the company's rules, which specify what kind of totals are available.

❓ What are fixes?

Sometimes the players agree in advance on the outcome of the event. This can result in disqualification for the team and the players, so when choosing a betting company, never fall for an offer to bet on a fixed match. The teams will certainly not risk elimination, so you will simply lose your money.

How do I choose the best betting company?

Undoubtedly one of the most important criteria when choosing a betting company is its rules. The most common question, whether the company nets the total over/under in basketball bets until the overtime, whether the total counts and we will extend it. For this question, it is definitely best to have an account with several companies. One account should be one where totals are read before the extension, and one where totals are read with the extension.

Again, consideration must be given to whether the priority bet is the oddsor have a better chance of winning the aggregate. Usually, in companies where totals are settled before renewal, we will find better odds when betting on totals more. This is because it reduces the chances of a bet being successful, due to the fact that if the match goes into extra time, it will not matter for the total.

Best betting companies online


The reverse logic of betting less - if Priority is given to a higher potential for successful bettingand not the coefficient. In this case definitely choose a company where the totals are offset until renewal.

Live betting

It is also important to familiarise yourself with the company's live bettingwhere the rules are often different from pre-match betting. Often, in companies where totals are settled before overtime, the rules change in live betting, with point totals, player totals and overtime totals being settled.

Outdoor tennis bets

Companies also treat field tennis bets differently. Some will count a player's win even if the opponent has retired early due to injury or any other reason. All that is needed to credit a bet is that at least 1 point has been played.

Other companies have the reverse rules - no matter how much of a lead a player has, no matter how long it takes to win by 1 point, if the opponent withdraws from the fight, the bet is treated as one. In order to add risk to the bet, when choosing a company where in any case the bet is settled if at least one point is played, the latter should definitely be chosen. If there is sufficient information before the match that one or other player has health problems and may not finish the match, the choice of the company that settles at par or not should be based on that.

Football bets

Football bets are also treated differently by companies. Note whether the match is a championship match (multiple matches) or a cup match, where there can be no ties, in which case the match goes into extra time. When selecting the match winner, it should be remembered that in this format, where there is no possibility of a tie, there are two types of bets - team victory, match totals, etc. in normal time, or the match winner in extra time.

It is also important to be aware when building card totals less/more. If a player is sent off, a red card is shown.. ŠThere are 2 types of solution - a red card for 2 yellow cards, or an outright red. The companies count the 2 yellows and the direct red as 1 card shown, so the 2 yellow cards do not count towards the player's total as 2 cards.

Personal priorities

In summary, for a successful choice of company it is important to take stock of your priorities. Since both totals over and totals under are bet, it is best to have company accounts with different rules - which offset bets before and with the extension. In addition, even though it will be the same betting company, the rules for live betting will be different from those for pre-match betting.

How to choose - Lithuanian betting companies


Best betting companies and bonuses, bonuses

Online betting companies have started to entice potential customers with bonuses - of varying sizes, but with different conditions. Again, the word bonus is far from being so rosy and a higher bonus will not necessarily lead to higher dividends. Each bonus requires certain amounts to be deposited in established accounts, and a larger bonus may warrant larger claims from the company.

Vienna betting companies offers to play the amount given more times to make withdrawals, other companies less. Also, the minimum betting odds requirements vary. So, when choosing the bonuses offered by betting companies, it is important to read all the conditions to get it, and a higher bonus does not necessarily guarantee a better chance of collecting it.

You should read all settlement offers even more carefully cryptocurrencies. This is a completely new area of payment and much more volatile than traditional currencies, increasing the likelihood of inferior or unreliable offers.

Betting companies in Lithuania and limits

One of the most important factors in choosing a good betting company is whether it allows players to winor immediately after a big win, begin to severely limit customer choices.

For those wishing to bet larger amounts, there is no doubt it is better to choose the most popular foreign companieswhere you will not only find the biggest betting offers, but also where the winning players are not subject to heavy customer capping. It is much more difficult with the Lithuanian companies - after the more successful stretches, where larger amounts are bet, they quickly start to limit the maximum amount available to place a bet.

Winning players usually have to buy out their colleagues' accounts, which are then mined, and only in this way are they able to continue betting larger sums with Lithuanian companies.

Football betting companies in Lithuania

Lithuanian betting companies and supply

More choice, more stakes to choose from, allowing you to discover more potentially great bets. To find lower sports leagues and more choices of matches, you need to turn to foreign companies. Although Lithuanian companies do offer some lower leagues, they are much poorer than the popular foreign companies.

Not surprising, because in the lower divisions it is much more difficult to gather information and requires a large brigade of analysts and many eyes to observe the lower level battles. The biggest companies can afford it.

For e-sports betting, also in foreign companies, we will find many more options, such as individual player totals, other sport-specific bets - how many bombs will be placed, how long the match will last, etc.

Lithuanian betting companies

To start with, no Lithuanian company will offer what popular foreign companies can offer - a very wide range of betting options with a variety of choices. It's worth having an account with a Lithuanian companyif you are betting on Lithuanian teams or players. In these bets, the companies offer a much wider range of bets than in regular matches.

In tennis, for example, when the best tennis player in our country - Richard Berankis, the supply of bets changes drastically. While in a regular match we get around 6 selections per match, in the Berankis duel we can find up to 50 selections or more. The same with basketball, when the Lithuanian national team plays, or Kaunas Zalgiris, the supply is considerably extended.

Top betting company

In this type of match, Lithuanian online betting companies match the offer of foreign companies and then you can watch, which gives a higher coefficient for the type of bet you want, whether the bet is counted before or with the extension, etc.

Online betting companies - summary

So, when choosing a betting company, it is important to pay attention to the following components:

  1. Which one betting offers the company offers, or whether matches are given a wide range of choices rather than a poor offer with few offers.
  2. Check the betting forums to see which companies are more cooperative with their customersrather than immediately limiting players to a few large wins.
  3. To build more totals, you need to look for companies with rulesthat count as a bet with extensions. The reverse logic for betting less is to look for a company that offsets all bets up to the extensions.
  4. Finding a company with the best prize given - don't be fooled by the highest bonus on offer. That's because it's a prize can involve significantly more cost and risk for the client than the more modest bonuses in other companies.
  5. Important to have open more than one account with betting companies. Trather important read reviews about them. Please note that Russian companies in particular like to cheat, and there have been many complaints from customers about fraud.
  6. Increased availability of accounts with trusted companies will allow you to choose the best coefficients. This is an important point, because the odds can vary considerably from match to match in any sport.
  7. Also have accounts with companies with different rulesto have as many variations as possible for the choices you want.
  8. View companies betting rules section both pre-match offers and live betting. Different rules usually apply to these types of offers. Example: pre-match point totals will be counted before extra time, live bets will be counted with extra time.