How do I play poker online?

Hello, on this page we will introduce you to a very addictive poker game. It's a great way to have a good time or even make some money. Our page covers poker rules for beginners and strategic nuances, and a wealth of information on how to play poker online. We hope you find it useful.

Poker for beginners is often completely obscure and unfamiliar. First, we'd like to tell you what life is like for poker professionals. We will try to distinguish what types of professional players there are and what qualities you could apply to yourself. The first thing we need to do is to define the term "poker professional". Let's agree that a poker professional is someone who earns a regular income from poker. So what kind of professional can a poker professional be?

Frequently asked questions

❓ How can I learn to play poker online for financial gain?

First, you need to learn the rules of poker, and then you need to choose one of the 4 main options:

  1. Become poker shark;
  2. Use tactics "hunting for fish“;
  3. Take advantage of the rooms on offer ornusais;
  4. Hunt for freerolls“.

❓ How can I play poker without investing in it?

There are two ways to play poker without paying money: bonuses and freerolls.

❓ What is the difference between poker room bonuses and freerolls?

  • Bonuses are free money you get when you check in to certain rooms.
  • Freerolls are free tournaments with prizes awarded by the poker rooms hosting them.

❓ How do I become a poker shark?

People who want to be sharks in this field need to have the right qualities - patience, a relentless drive, the ability to understand other players and a certain technique that helps them achieve what they set out to do.

❓ How do you hunt fish in poker?

Poker "fish" are the weaker players. Playing with them can make you a lot of money. It is important to remember that if a shark comes into the room, you can become a fish too.

4 ways to play poker online for a living

  • becoming a poker shark;
  • Fish hunting;
  • bonus hunting;
  • freerol hunting.
Cards and Chips - Poker in Lithuania

How to become a poker shark?

This is the hardest route, but once completed, it will be the most profitable way to play poker. In this case, players choose their favourite area, which they will try to master as much as possible. These can be tournaments, cash, SNG or Spin & Go games. The idea is simple - to become an expert in the field and be the best of all those attracted by the same poker table.

See how to play poker with cards and chip betting rules

It is important to realise that this is a huge job and it never ends. These players need to keep improving or they will be caught up and overtaken by the rest. However, if you reach the top, you will be rewarded. In this case, you are not only beating the bad players (fish) or the bad regs, but also the good, thoughtful, regular players. We believe that work alone is not enough to achieve this.

How can you reach the heights?

There are two types of people:
  • People with certain character traits that are very helpful in achieving certain goals;
  • Those who don't have those qualities, so they have to create a system if they want to achieve something.
A path to a goal for those who have already achieved something

Let's do a simple test. Take a look at your other activities. What do you do? Do you play sport? Are you involved in any investment activities? Do you play computer games professionally? Or something like that.

See if there is an activity in which you have excelled. Or, in other words, take stock of what you have achieved in your other activities.

Mobile phone, chips and cards help you understand how to learn poker

Examples of high positions: medals at European championships; prizes at world-class competitions and competitions; membership of elite clans, etc.

If you have achieved any of this, it shows that you have a system in your head for getting to the top. And of course you had a lot of patience before you reached it. So it is safe to assume that you will achieve something in poker too. All you will need to do is to use a similar learning methodology and a hardened iron patience.

How do you play poker and become a shark for those who don't have other big wins?

If you haven't yet had a major success, then a successful learning system can be learned. Only in this case you will need to put in twice as much effort as those we talked about earlier.

In this case, you'll need to understand every subtlety of poker, even the smallest. You will also need to develop a proper learning system, focus, discipline, patience, etc. Many players are not suited to this option because they do not have the patience needed to achieve their goals. Does this mean that it is not even worth playing poker? Absolutely not! Below we will discuss another option that will show you how to play poker with cards and help you rise to the heights of poker.

Fish hunting

Poker table and chips - how to play poker in Lithuania

It's much easier to hunt for fish than to become a poker shark. The main reason for this is that we fish where there are plenty of fish. When the fish are fewer or there are more "good fishermen", then we simply change our fishing location.

Most poker players do. For example: they start playing single table Sng tournaments, get good at them, learn all the tricks of the trade, and eventually start making a living from them. These players are not sharks, but they have enough knowledge and skills to make a good living from poker. Unfortunately, as time goes on, the games get harder and their profits get smaller. For this reason, these people decide to change the game. For them, such a thing is easier than raising the bar of their skills even higher.

Eventually, players change the scope of their game and instead of single table Sng, their new activity becomes MTTs poker tournaments. Or they migrate from one poker room to another with much weaker players. This is not a bad strategy, but it is different from becoming a shark. It is not based on perfect knowledge of your field, but on quick adaptation and the ability to stay with your favourite game.

If you have analysed the graphs of good Lithuanian players, note that for example: a player had a very profitable year in 2010-2011 and earned a lot of money, but then started earning less and less. Finally, in 2015 he started to go into the red.

People teach each other how to play poker online

This usually indicates a strengthening of the overall field and that the player is resting on his laurels. Because he didn't choose the shark option and didn't improve enough, he was caught up by the general mass of players. Also, he was too attached to his location and style of play, so he was hesitant to change anything to find fishier areas.

Extraordinary opportunities to become a poker pro 

It is important to note that there are now a wide variety of pages on the internet that describe how to play poker, the rules of poker and poker strategies. There are also new poker schools popping up. All of this gives every newcomer the opportunity to become both a level one and a level two poker professional. All that matters is people's willingness to work.

We would like to mention the Lithuanian Poker Project, which started in 2015 on the initiative of poker professionals Brilijant and Pelėdažmogis. It is a Lithuanian online poker school that teaches how to play poker. At the beginning of 2017, this project had a team of 9 poker coaches. There were also more than 250 instructional videos available at the time. And most importantly, all in English. The project itself can be found at:

Bonus hunters

Every poker room goes to great lengths to attract poker players. That's why poker online for free. We can compare this to mobile phone companies. They fight each other by offering ever cheaper payment plans or ever cheaper phones. The same thing is happening with poker companies. They offer all sorts of bonuses and bonuses to new players just to get them to come and play with them.

Looking at the cards available and deciding how to play poker online

Poker players have long noticed that you can walk into one room, take your bonus, play a bit, and then go to another room to take your bonus. It's true that rooms are not stupid, they come up with all sorts of extra conditions. This is to avoid abuse by players, but even with those conditions, bonus hunting is a profitable business.

Which players can benefit the most? Cash players. They are the ones who turn over very large amounts of rake, i.e. they pay a lot of taxes to the room when they play. They can then more quickly meet all the necessary conditions, cash out and move on to the next poker room. Just be warned that you should always pay attention to the additional conditions and stars. And don't think that you'll be able to fool the people who work there somehow. There is a lot of money going around, so attempts to cheat are taken very seriously. You need to understand how to play poker online very seriously, and you don't cheat at it.

Freerolls hunters

This method is somewhat similar to bonus hunting. The only difference is that you don't have to invest your own money. However, the winnings are several times or even tens of times more modest. How does it work?

Again, one of the poker rooms' means of competition is free tournaments. That is to say, a poker room hosts a poker tournament that costs nothing to enter. Although the tournaments are free, the poker room sets up real cash prizes that can be won by all those who participate. In this way, rooms try to attract new poker players to their network.

How can I play poker in Lithuania and earn money?

You need to register in a myriad of poker rooms: 10, 20, 30 or more. You have to keep an eye on where the freerolls are. To make it easier to avoid missing one or another tournament, there are special apps that keep track and provide a full list of freerolls.

An overview of the Betsafe room, where poker is legal in Lithuania, in this video

Who does this method work for?

This is usually the method of choice for poker novices. People choose this method when they don't want to invest their own money, but have a goal to try poker for free. The main disadvantage of this way of earning money is that it wastes a lot of time and there is no guarantee that you will be successful.

Our team recommends that you spend that time learning poker. At the very beginning, the following should be well researched poker rules combinationsThis is followed by a study of poker strategy and other nuances that will help you understand how to play poker online. Eventually, you'll be able to play poker for real money and earn far more money than freeroll hunters.

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