Poker terms

Every beginner struggles at first to grasp the multitude of new concepts. Especially when they are usually not even in English, because poker rules mostly use English terms. The Poker Dictionary is a very useful reference for anyone interested in the game. The dictionary contains all the most important poker terms and their explanations.

Poker dictionary

Before you try the games they offer for the first time poker rooms for Lithuanians, you must be familiar with the various poker concepts. To help you find what you're looking for, poker terms are grouped by topic: average hands; incomplete hands; pots; pots; rounds; hands; tournaments; chips and bets; and types of players.

Frequently asked questions

❓ What are the basic poker terms to know when making moves during the betting round?

  • Fold - withdraw from the game;
  • Call - call the bet and continue the game;
  • But - to build;
  • Raise - raise the amount you bet;
  • Check - not building anything and checking what others will do.

Others betting round deadlines.

❓ What are community cards in poker called?

  • Flop - the first three community cards;
  • Turn - fourth community card;
  • River - the fifth and final card common to all players.

❓ What are the names of poker hands?

Poker combinations in Lithuanian called: the Royal Row; the Row and Colour; the Four of a Kind; the Full Club; the Colour; the Row; the Three of a Kind; the Two of a Kind; the Two Pairs; the One Pair; the Top Card.

❓ What does the player with the best hand win?

The jackpot in each game is the pot. Players add to it by making mandatory and voluntary bets. So how much you win depends entirely on how many chips people have bet.

❓ What are the different types of poker players called?

Depending on what people do most often (call, bet, raise) and how many or few hands they play, they are divided into four types:

Poker cards and combinations

Average poker hands

SET - This is known as a Three Of A Kind, which is a combination of two cards held in the hand and one community card.

Set - poker dictionary

TRIPS - This is called a Three Of A Kind, which is a combination of one hole card and two community cards.


TWO PAIR - two pairs. 

Two pair and poker game

TOP TWO PAIR - the top two pairs.

Top two pair

BOTTOM TWO PAIR - the two smallest pairs.

Bottom two pair - Poker Dictionary

OVERPAIR - when you have a pair in your hand and all the cards on the flop are lower than the cards in your hand.

Overpair - poker terms

TOP PAIR - when you catch the highest pair on the flop.

Top pair

MIDDLE PAIR - when you catch the middle pair on the flop.

Middle pair - poker is not yet won with this combination

BOTTOM PAIR - when you catch the smallest pair on the flop.

Botton pair - poker hands

Incomplete poker hands

FLUSH DRAW - when you have four cards of the same suit and are one card short of a Flush.

Flush draw - poker chips can be bet for this

OESD or STRAIGHT DRAW- when you have four cards in a row and are one card short of a Straight hand.

Straight draw - a poker concept

GUTSHOT - when there are four cards and one card short of a Straight.

Gutshot - poker games using the following cards

OVERCARDS - are the cards you hold that are higher than the cards on the board.

Overcards - incomplete poker hands

BACKDOOR FLUSHDRAW - when one card is needed before the Flush draw and one card before the Flush on the turn and river.

Backdoor flushdraw - poker cards

BACKDOOR STRAIGHT DRAW - when one card is needed before a Straight draw and one more card before a Straight draw on the turn and river.

Backdoor straight draw - poker terms

UNIMPROVED - when you don't get the hand you want when the cards on the table are turned over.

Poker Banks

POT - the pot that goes to the owner of the best hand, or the only player who didn't fold, at the end of a poker game.

UNRAISED PATH - a pot where no one raised before the flop.

RAISED PATH - the pot when someone raised before the flop.

Poker terms that refer to rounds of play

PRE-FLOP - Pre-flop play is the first round of betting when no cards are yet face-up on the table.

POST-FLOP - This is the second round of betting when three cards are dealt face up on the table.

FLOP - three community cards.

TURN - fourth community card.

RIVER - the fifth and final community card.

Poker hands

These poker terms refer to the initial personal poker cards. In Texas Hold'em there are two such cards, in Omaha there are four, but only two are used in a game. These cards are later used to make poker hands.

10 and 7

SUITED - These are cards of the same suit in your hand.

astuonake and seven

CONNECTOR - is the two cards you have in your hand, in order.

monochrome astuonake and seven-colour

SUITED CONNECTOR - Two cards in your hand that are of the same suit and in sequential order.

Poker tournaments

BUBBLE - A stage of a poker tournament where, if one player is eliminated, all the other players move on to the cash prize seats.

SNG - poker tournaments that start to take place when a certain number of people have gathered.

STT - single table poker tournaments.

MTT - Multi-state poker tournaments.

Poker chips and bets

DEALER - a person who serves as a point of reference. He is the last one to act in the betting circles. You need a good poker tactics and this position will be the most profitable.

BLINDS - blinds paid by the two players to the left of the dealer.

ANTE - table fee paid by all players.

FOLD- withdraw from the game by discarding personal cards.

BET - bet a certain amount of chips.

RAISE - bet a larger amount of chips than were previously bet.

CALL - bet as many chips as are short of the maximum value of the previous bet.

CHECK - skip your turn and check how the other players are doing.

ALL IN - bet all the chips you have in your account. If you lose, poker chip value then it becomes very painful, because you have to top up your account if you want to keep playing.

3-BET - it means re-raise or, in Lithuanian, puncture.

4-BET - it means re-reraise or, in Lithuanian, re-punching.

CB or CONTINUATION BET - a continuous bet where the player raises before the flop and continues to bet after the flop.

DONK BET - when you are the first to bet chips after the flop, after the turn, or after the river against a player who bet before you in the previous round.

Shuffled poker cards

VALUE BET - A value bet, where you believe you have a better hand and bet your chips.

BLUFF - when a player bets or raises with a weaker card in the hope that the opponent will fold and win the pot.

Poker terms for types of players

PASSIVE - a player who usually makes a check and a call, but rarely makes a bet and a raise.

AGRESSIVE - the player who most often makes: 'bet' and 'raise'.

TIGHT - a player who plays low hands.

LOOSE - a player who plays many hands.

You can learn more about the types of poker players in this video.

Probably familiar with poker terminology, you'll find it much easier to get the hang of it when you're at a serious gaming table and playing for real money. Poker games are a deeply addictive and enjoyable activity. We wish you the best of luck as you make your way down the long road of the game.

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