Card games

There are many different things you can do at home with your family or friends. And no matter what the weather is like outside - even at home it can be fun. Card games are a time-honoured activity that only requires a deck of cards and the company of family or friends. If there are no other people around, playing alone is a great option (card games in Passjans). Card games are great fun, for example: Poker game or Donkey. We'll discuss more in a moment.

Card games and number of players

Is there a big group of people who want to play cards? Or are you alone at home? Take note of how many people can play specific games:

Frequently asked questions

❓ Which classic card games are the most fun?

TOP 10 card game titles include:

  1. Simple Solitaire;
  2. The Spider of Card Solitaire;
  3. War;
  4. Stupid;
  5. Pig;
  6. One thousand;
  7. Carriage;
  8. Liar;
  9. Carousel;
  10. Donkey.

❓ What are the basic terms related to playing cards?

  1. Cards symbols (cards Species, cards bridge) are the four different symbols for the classic cards of hearts, diamonds, hearts, diamonds and clubs.
  2. Cards colour - it's the same type of card, but with a different name. Don't get confused - in card games, two red cards are not the same suit.
  3. Cards Value (cards Value, cards rank, cards Strength). This is a number or letter that indicates how much a particular card is worth, and what other cards it can cut or sequence with it.

❓ Which card games use trumps?

Kozirius has the following games: One thousand, Carriage and Durnius. With a trump, you can cut ordinary cards without paying attention to their ranks.

❓ What card games can one person play?

Card games for one - different variations of Solitaire. The most popular of these are Klondike Passjance and Solitaire Spider. In these games, you have to arrange a sequence of cards and then move them to a designated location. These games are also available online.

❓ Which card games are for two players?

If you're two people, feel free to gamble Kara, Pig, Carousel via Lying. Other games like Thousand, Fool, Chariot, Donkey - also available play in two, but it's much more fun to play with a bigger group.

Games for one

Simple Solitaire and Solitaire Spider are card games for one;

The meanings and symbols of ordinary playing cards containing a Club, Wine, Heart and Drum

Games for two or more:

  • Carousel, Chariot and Thousand are card games for two to four players;
  • The rules of Durnius define it as a card game for two to five people;
  • Liar is a card game between two and six;
  • Donkey card games for 2 - 9;
  • UNO is a card game for two to ten people;
  • Pig and War are card games for two or more. If you want something more varied, then the Kara card game and the Pig card game can be played in pairs of four. In this case, the correct card can be dealt by the team member who has it in their hand.

Playing Cards 

Card games Durnius, Carriage, Thousand rules when playing for two

First, we want to explain how the different cards needed to play the game differ. You probably already know classic the cards our parents or grandparents used to play with. This kind of card gambling is really fun. Later on, slightly different cards were introduced. The names of these cards are modern

Classic games and their cards

Type of cards

A classic deck of cards is made up of cards with four different symbols:

  • hearts;
  • drums;
  • wines;
  • crosses. 

The only Joker cards have no symbols.

Card games, game names and rules - four different playing cards

The symbols on the cards help us to distinguish which type of card it is (also known as a suit or bridge). Don't get confused by suit definitions - in card games colour - it is not red and black, but wines, crosses, worms and drums. So - in total four colours.

In which games is the type of cards very important?

Card games with rules that use a trump card. Koziris - a type of card that is stronger than all others. It will deal a regular card (not a trump) regardless of the rank of the two cards. How do I play cards if I need to cross another trump card? In this case, only the higher-ranking trump card will be cut.

Card game for two A Door, a Thousand and a Chariot
  • The Thousand Rule Card Game - At the outset, this game does not have a trump card. It only appears when a player discards a Queen card. The suit of the discarded queen becomes the trump card. Just remember that when someone else discards a queen again, the trump card will change immediately.
  • Card game Carriage rules. There are as many trumps as there are players. Each person uses his/her personal trump card. The first trump is determined by the queen of clubs in someone's hand. Thus, the Club is the first trump and will be the first trump in all games. In a card game, the other trumps are determined clockwise: wines, hearts, drums. When playing four, all Carriage cards become trumps.
  • The rules of the card game Durnius and the role of trumps: in this game, a trump is a card turned up by the dealer at the start of the game, which is then placed on top of the deck of cards to be played. 
Card games in pairs of two or pairs of four - their names

Card game Pig, where only cards of the same suit can be placed on the top card. In this game, you have to draw cards from a common spread pile until you finally reveal the right card with the same suit.

A game of lies. In one version, all players must place cards of the same type. Of course, you can also lie. But if someone finds out that you're lying, then you'll have to take all the cards into your own hand.

Example of how to play Liar with Cards - Card Games with Rules

Playing card meanings

In almost all games, the values of the community cards are very important. Otherwise known as card strength or rank. Card games with rules pays really close attention to the meanings of the cards.

  • Cards from deuce to ten have numerical values (2-10). These cards are called by eye.
  • There are also three cards showing people - these are Gentlemen's Cards. They show a boy (valet, bartouk), a woman (the lady, the queen) and the husband (of kings). Otherwise known as Gentlemen's Cards - family.
  • In some games ace corresponds to a straight (in which case it becomes an Akine card), while in others it is the highest card, which corresponds to 11 or some other game-specific value.
  • Laughers (jokers, jokers) have the highest value in classic card games. There are some card games where jokers can be used in place of any other missing card. This makes the game much easier.
Adult Card Games with Rules - Drum Card Ranks

The ranks of the cards are usually in the following order: deuce, three of a kind, four of a kind, five of a kind, six of a kind, seven of a kind, eight of a kind, nine of a kind, ten of a kind, jack, queen, king, ace, and jester.

The exception is the Thousand card game. The rules of 1000 state that the ranks for this game are, in ascending order: nine of a kind (0), jack (2), queen (3), king (4), ten of a kind (10) and ace (11).

The ranks of the card combinations in the Thousand Game are Queen of Wines + King of Wines (40), Queen of Clubs + King of Clubs (60), Queen of Diamonds + King of Diamonds (80) and Queen of Hearts + King of Hearts (100).

Card Game 1000 Rules - How to Play 1000 - All Card Ranks
How does card strength affect specific games?

Axe picking games. Card games are called. How do I play Fist, Thousand, Chariot and War to win? The rules of the Axe Card Game are to hold the highest ranking card in your hand so that you can cut down what the other players have thrown at you. The only exception to this is when playing with trumps. In this case, trumps will cross regular cards, even if they are lower in rank.

Donkey card game rules. This is card sequencing game. In this case, your goal is to get all four cards of the same rank. For example: four Kings or four Nines. The number of cards played depends on the number of players. The sequence of cards is also used in poker when our goal is to get a good poker hand.

Donkey Card Game Rules - How to play Donkey with Cards - all you need to do is to collect four of a kind

Card game Liar rules. How to play Card Liar? One variation requires all players to place only cards of the same rank. For example: three queens or three tens. Remember, if you don't have any of these cards, you can lie. It is important that no one realises that you are not telling the truth and that your Liar cards are in fact quite different. In this game, the strength of the cards also has an effect elsewhere: unless you agree otherwise, if you lay down three cards of the same rank, the other person can only lay down cards one rank higher or lower.

Scoring based on the value of the cards held

The strength of the cards is very important when you have to count the points at the end of the game, and only after a certain number of points have been scored is a winner decided.

Which games need to count points?

Game of 1,000 - all available card eyes are counted. The sum is rounded up or down depending on the last digit of the number received. The first player to score 1000 points wins;

Card Carousel - this is probably the hardest game to calculate points for (it's a maths game for a reason). The first player to score a certain number of points wins the game. The number of points depends on the number of cards in the deck you are playing with: 56-120 points, 55-90 points, 54-60 points.

Card game Carousel - scoring rules
  • An ace gives one point;
  • Two points are awarded for a wine deuce and a drum ten;
  • The points for the jokers depend on the numbers on the jokers: 11 - 3 points, 15 - 5 points, 20 - 10 points.
  • If you collect the most cards, you get two points;
  • The person with the most wines gets two points.

Pig is a card game where both the number of cards and their value affect the scoring. Points in this game are scored by the loser. Therefore, the number of cards left in the losing bidder's hand will determine the number of years he will have to herd pigs. To find out how many you will graze, you must count all the eyes of the cards in your hand.

Sequence of cards

There are rules for card games where the cards are dealt in a specific order (ascending or descending in order of card rank). The names of sequential card games are: Card Solitaire games and the card game Spider Solitaire. In these games, both the types of cards and their meanings are important. 

Card games for one Solitaire Solitaire Spider

In the current columns, the sequence of cards starts with a King and ends with an Ace. In the final column of a simple Solitaire, the Ace starts the sequence and the King completes it. 

Solitaire Solitaire focuses only on the colours of the card symbols. That is to say, in the current stacks, you can only place a card on a card that has a different symbol colour. For example, you can only place a red heart on a black wine or a black cross. In the final pile, cards can only be placed on a card of the same suit.

The Spider Passion Card allows you to choose between three game variations. Or: 

  • playing with only one suit;
  • played with two suits;
  • you are playing with four suited cards.

When there is only one suit in the game, then only the rank of each card influences the hand. When there are multiple suits, you can place individual cards in the current stacks on any card that is one rank higher, but if you want to move a larger stack of cards to a different location, then you can only do so if the cards being moved are of the same suit, e.g. wines.

Specific card values

Card games for two - Carousel rules

If you haven't tried it yet, you might like the mathematical card game Carousel Rules and the chance to turn your head to get the highest value and most cards.

Not sure how to play Carousel yet? To play it, you can only take cards if the sum of their eyes matches the card you are taking. Carousel allows you to add up the eyes of the cards. For example: take two fives with a ten. Carousel rules and other card games that require counting for adults often appeal even to children, as it is a great opportunity to learn about numbers and addition.

Number of cards in games

As you already know, not all games require the same number of cards. Some games are played with jokers, some without. In others, we discard cards smaller than a six or nine. So let's take a look at the specific quantities of cards used in the games:

The number of Joker cards in the deck is four, which makes the deck full
  • The lowest number of cards used in the Thousand and Chariot games is 24 (nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace);
  • The game of the bold - 36 cards (six, seven, eight, nine, ten, jack, queen, king, ace);
  • Regular deck (no jokers) - the number of cards in the deck is 52. This is the number of cards required for Solitaire, Pig, Liar and War;
  • A full deck of cards (with jokers) is required to play Carousel. The card game Karas can also be played with jesters.
  • Even two decks of cards are required for the card game Solitaire Spider - 104 cards;
  • The rules of Donkey Card Game require the number of cards to be equal to the number of players x 4 (all four cards must be of the same type).
Donkey Card Game Rules - How many cards to deal

Modern card games and their cards

If you're fed up with regular cards, manufacturers have developed a wide range of innovative cards for you to play. Some modern card games have rules and gameplay that are sometimes even slightly different from the classic games.

What is depicted on these cards?

Modern cards are unique in that they feature not only numbers or symbols, but also very beautiful drawings, like mini paintings. Here's a look at the most popular modern playing cards.

Uno and other card games for two rules


UNO cards are the most similar to Classic cards. They also feature numbers (0 to 9). The rules for UNO cards state that the rank of the card has no effect on the game (except that the cards must be matched by number), but when UNO points are counted, a higher-ranking card is much more useful. 

Dealing the cards

If you don't already know how to play UNO cards and which cards can be stacked on top of each other, here's a quick rundown: the main thing you need to keep in mind is the alignment of cards. You can combine them with each other:

  • number;
  • symbol;
  • colour.
Card Game UNO - Action Cards
Card Game - Uno Action Cards

In addition, there are action and special cards. On these cards, instead of numbers, we see symbols that tell us what you will have to do if you or someone you know helps you with a card. The specific rules and actions for a UNO card can be: 

  • skip a move;
  • take two cards;
  • change the direction of the game;
  • change the colour of the game;
  • Take four cards and change the colour of the game.

UNO has unique rules, not found in classic games, in that different types of cards are marked with different colours in UNO (in classic games, two types of cards are coloured the same).

Suit differences for playing Uno, Jack, Chariot, Carousel, Donkey, Pig and Liar with cards

Three wayshow else can you play UNO.