Best casinos online in 2024

Each gambling house has a range of different games of chance on offer. Gambling can range from slot machines, where luck determines almost everything, to card games, where you can create your own personal strategy. The only question is: where to play it all? In this article, we'll look at what makes the best online casinos different from other gambling venues and help you choose which ones to play at.

Frequently asked questions

❓ What to look for when choosing a casino?

❓ Why is it recommended to gamble at legal casinos?

Since you deposit your money into the casino account before you start gambling, you should consider whether the money will disappear. Remember that you should only connect to casinos that have trusted licences. These are subject to a number of checks to ensure the safety of players.

❓ Which countries have the most reliable licences?

There are a number of casino licences in different countries. The most difficult to obtain are United Kingdom or Gibraltar licences. Casinos have to comply with a very large number of points that determine whether they deserve these licences. It's a bit easier to get Malta licence, but it is also reliable. So, if you see any of these three licenses, you can stay at these casinos because you will be safe here.

❓ How can I fund my casino account?

Many casinos have adapted to make it easy for players from anywhere in the world to top up their accounts and withdraw their winnings. There are usually several ways to do this: one of the easiest is bank transfer. You can also use credit cards or transfer money from online accounts - PayPal via Skrill.

❓ Are there casino pages in Lithuanian?

✓ Yes. If you don't understand English or other popular world languages, choose casinos with menus translated into Lithuanian. Lithuanian casinos will automatically have Lithuanian menus and controls. Lithuanian is also an important language for contacting support. A big plus for those casinos that can communicate with you in a way you can understand.

Casino online Lithuania

If you've been to a real gambling house, then you've probably already caught on to how things work: there are special tables for each game (poker table, roulette table and others), a croupier (dealer) at each of them, and large casino slot machines nearby. If you have decided that you want to try it all out in the virtual world, you need to choose very carefully which are the best online casinos. We will discuss the most important criteria to choose from.

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Questions to ask when choosing an online casino in Lithuania

  • Are online casinos legal? Where can I play casino in Lithuania?
  • Which ones bonuses offers for newcomers?
  • Which RTP sizes?
  • Will you get a variety games on offer?
  • Is it possible to play live casino?
  • How quickly can you get helpwhen questions and problems arise?
  • Is the quality used software and no interference when playing?
  • What casino online in Lithuania and abroad page management? Is it easy to understand?
  • Is it possible to set different gaming limits?

Casino legality

First, we will discuss why it is recommended to play only at legal casinos. The same applies when choosing, where to play poker. You've probably seen advertisements like "come and gamble with us on really good terms" or something similar. You click on a link and are taken to some obscure page.

Ball on the Roulette Wheel - Free casino games in Lithuania and their promotions

If you find yourself in such a place, look for a page that lists all the rules of the casino and the official licences. If there is nothing like that, just turn off the page and go to a normal casino.

One important thing: don't be alarmed if you see that casino licence non-Lithuanian. Legal casinos in Lithuania are a minority. Although a few Lithuanian casinos do exist. But you can gamble wherever you have a UK or Maltese licence. A casino has to meet a lot of requirements to obtain licences in these countries.

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New Player Bonuses (Casino Bonus)

Real casinos move to online casino in Lithuania and offer an online bonus

Everyone probably likes places that have different promotions, such as casino promotions. In order to attract new players, casino bonuses are offered to them. For example, you sign up and the free casino spins for new players top up your account or you get some amount of money that you can then spend on games. Such free casino games are quite common online.

Other types of casino free bonuses are awarded when you make your first deposit. Most online casinos give as much as 100% as long as you top up your account (there are also some casinos that give a 200, 300, 400 or 500 percent bonus). Some places also give you this kind of money for a second or third top-up. After using the bonus on the casino pages, you can play poker for free or other games of chance.

The casino bonus can also be used if you have been playing at the same place for a long time. This is to encourage the most loyal players.

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RTP sizes

Before you can fund your account and choose your games, you need to understand what RTP is. This three-letter abbreviation is also known as rakeback or return to player. What else can there be in terms of rakeback? Rakeback is expressed as a percentage. Usually this percentage is above 95%, but there are lower ones. This amount indicates how much money can be recouped by participating in a game. 

Roulette table - gambling houses online casino online in Lithuania

So, if the RTP is 95%, then if you play 100 games worth €1, you will get €95 back. The remaining €5 will go to the casino. Of course, it is not that simple. The total is not a hundred but thousands of games. So someone who plays that hundred games might get EUR 200, while someone else might get just a few euros or nothing at all. Either way, the higher the rakeback, the better the chance of winning something.

Always look at RTP values when choosing a game. You may find options where the RTP is 98% or more. This is a very good thing. Some games do not tell you what the return to the player will be at all. In this case, it is better not to take the risk, as this rate can be very low. Secrets of any kind, including casino secrets, are not a good thing. After all, if there is nothing to hide, then such things will not be hidden.

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Games on offer

Online casinos offer a much wider choice of games. This is because there is no need to maintain large "machines", no need for large rooms for roulette or card game tables. Thus, the online offer is much wider. Of course, virtual gambling houses are also very different from each other: some have more card games, others more slots. So, decide what interests you most.

Those who don't know how to/ don't like to strategise choose bingo or slots (casino machines). Those who prefer to strategise rather than rely on luck can choose top casino poker games or blackjack.

Roulette Wheel - free online casino games online

If you are new to casinos, you may be interested in the free casino games (free casino machine games), which we will discuss shortly.

Demo versions - free casino

You've probably seen a wide variety of slot machines. Each one is different and interesting in its own way. But where to start? How do you avoid losing too much by joining something you don't understand? The solution is simple - try the demos. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the casino games for free option.

Almost every casino allows you to spin the slots (free casino games online) for free. In this case, you can find out how the game works, the basic rules, and how often you can win (in this case, remember the RTP discussed earlier). Free casino games are a great way to practice.

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Live Casino

These days, you can find almost anything on the internet. The same goes for casinos. If in the past all gambling or card games used to be purely automated, now you can see all the action in real time.

Sparkling online casinos and free casino spins for new players

Live casinos have real dealers that you can interact with. This adds a lot of life to the game. You can also see your cards and how they are dealt in real time. You can also see the roulette wheel spinning and the ball rolling. This adds to the excitement as you see where the ball will land.

Live casino is something in between real and online casinos. But the plus side is that you can see live people and action without even leaving home.

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Support (help)

Every serious website, company or casino should have staff on hand to deal with any problems that arise. Sometimes there is simply an email address to contact. On other pages we see a telephone number (it is good if the number is in the country you are in, otherwise this option is out).

It is very important to have a variety of ways of contacting staff: in addition to e-mail and phone numbers, you can also include the possibility to contact them via social networks, chat apps or even in a chat room that is integrated into the homepage of the casino you are in.

Pay attention to the language of the conversations in the casino where you want to play. Only choose venues where you will be able to communicate and clearly state your concerns. Casinos in Lithuania are not new, so you may find staff who speak the language.

Lots of chips - Lithuanian live casino online bonuses and reviews

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Soft (software)

You probably think that it makes no difference to you what software is used by specific gambling venues. If you do, then you are very wrong. Soft is very important! It influences the speed of connection, the loading time of the games.

One of the most important things is that the game does not collapse as it progresses. After all, if you wager a large amount and are immediately kicked off the site, it is not clear whether you will be able to get your money back. So the software is very, very important. Only choose casinos that invest a lot of money in maintaining, improving and updating their software.


Every time you try something new, it takes some time to learn how to use it. The same goes for online casino. They all have different controls, menu items, access to games or betting options.

As with support, consider the language in which page management is specified. English is the most common language, but it is also possible to find casinos where all the controls are in English. This option is best suited for those who do not understand English at all.

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Gambling addiction is a real thing. It can develop either after winning something or, conversely, after trying to get even. You just gamble more and more, and so on, endlessly. Until eventually you can't go a day without gambling. So some casinos let you decide what limits you want to set for your games. This is a casino trick that helps you stop in time.

You can set it so that after a certain number of losses, you are simply not allowed to play anymore. Or you can allocate a certain amount of money for the day, which, once used up, will allow you to return the next day or even later. Choose a casino that allows you to set such limits. That way, you won't lose too much when you get caught up in the excitement and you won't have to worry about it later. 

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Best online casinos in Lithuania

The good thing about online casinos is that you can access them from anywhere in the world. There are no restrictions on legal casinos in Lithuania. If you want to gamble somewhere that only has a foreign licence, you may have to change your DNS settings to bypass the blocks. 

The video shows how to change your DNS settings.

Casino online LT top-up

You can also top up your account while you are in Lithuania. Simply make a transfer or connect your bank card. In some places you can also pay from PayPal or Skrill accounts. Choose casinos that offer the convenience of paying from anywhere in the world.

Casino online reviews

How do other people's reviews influence my choice of casino? Does it matter? Probably no one will deny that it does. The best online casinos will always be praised and cited as the right place to play. Before you go gambling, you should visit forums or ask friends where to play. Reviews give you knowledge about real winnings, the stability of payouts and the time it takes for them to be credited to your account.