Types of poker players

There are six main categories of poker playing style, which are used to categorise poker players: Tight Passive, Loose Passive, Tight Aggressive, Loose Aggressive, Maniac, Solid.

A Tight Passive player is a player who plays very few hands and rarely plays aggressively, and if he does play aggressively, he probably has a very strong hand or combination.This type of player is also known as a ROCK - Rocks. ROCKs very rarely make a CALL. They are, by the way, losing poker players.

Loose Passive - These are players who play a lot of hands and make frequent CALLs. These players rarely play aggressively, and if they do play aggressively, they probably have a strong hand or combination. These are the losing poker players.

Poker Shark

Tight Aggressive - players who play low hands and when they do, they play aggressively. Players who play this style are the most frequent winners in poker.

Loose Aggressive - players who play a lot of hands and are aggressive. This style of play requires good poker skills, as playing many hands requires a lot of manoeuvring, scanning your opponent, and understanding your own and your opponent's psychology. Players who play this style of poker well are winning poker players.

Maniacs are super aggressive players. They play almost every hand, and when they bet, they usually bet a lot of chips. They are losing poker players.

Solid - Players who can easily adapt strategies against their opponent. They can easily play Tight Aggressive or Loose Aggressive styles. They are winning poker players, the Sharks of poker.

These are the main categories into which poker players can be classified. But each player is unique and may have characteristics that go beyond one category.

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