Online Poker and TELLS

Differences between READING TELLS and READING PEOPLE

First of all, there is no need to confuse the two: READING TELLS and READING PEOPLE are two different things. Reading people means being able to understand what a person is thinking, how they think. And reading words means being able to notice things that people do physically in a given situation.

How to read the statements ? You need to watch people's actions.

How to scan a person ? you need to analyse his game.

The most common TELLS in online poker

poker TELLS

Waits a long time before finally doing RAISE - usually means a strong hand.

Automatic CHECK/FOLD button activated - sometimes it's noticeable how quickly the CHECK action is done one move after another. This is most likely the CHECK/FOLD auto-myguk being activated and indicates a weak opponent's hand.

Very fast CHECK - usually means a weak hand.

NICK first name - Names like "Tomas11", "Algis1992", conservative names, indicate a conservative, cautious style of poker play. Poker players with funny names or cartoon character names are more likely to have a creative poker playing style. Players with names consisting of any number of letters and numbers, such as "gwvduwegdv646wd", are likely to be very risk-averse and try their luck at the poker table.

If the player thinks for a long time, then makes a CHECK - the opponent probably has a weak hand and wants a free board card on the next turn.


But good players can control the slowness/speed of their response to mislead you, so you need to pay attention and spot useful poker cues.

Poker TELLS should only be part of your poker strategy. Decisions should not be based on poker TELLS alone.

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