So, can you really place bets safely at Betsafe sports betting?

To find out, it's definitely advisable to read our website review.

In fact, we had been to Betsafe Casino's gaming section before, but never to the sports betting site, so it was intriguing for us to go back there and try out the sports betting area. Needless to say, we enjoyed betting on the various sports that are available on the site.

In fact, Betsafe exists as one of the platforms that we would place on the higher end of the spectrum - mainly because it offers a wide range of sports and an excellent, comprehensive betting experience. That's what we'll inform you about in this review - the whole experience we had as sports bettors at Betsafe.

Now that means you'll learn about all the great features of a sports betting company. However, it also means that information will be provided on the bad points of the site. We're not here to protect you from anything that might show Betsafe in a less than ideal light. However, we can say that the platform doesn't have too many negative sides. Therefore, if you are thinking of joining the platform, you are in for a treat.

So, let's jump right in and see what Betsafe sports betting has to offer the world!

Different Slot Machines - Betsafe software and mobile app

The overall Betsafe experience
So, what can we say about our experience betting with Betsafe?

First of all, we would like to say that we were very impressed with the overall design of the site from the moment we arrived. Everything is laid out in a very professional and easy to use way, and if that is the impression we get from the first moment, we know we have achieved something good.

As we continued our betting journey with the sports betting company, things generally got better and better. Of course, one or two faults have also emerged during our time here. Were they enough to change our opinion of the betting company in a radically negative direction? Not really.

Overall, we were impressed with the betting and everything that the Betsafe website offers. We wholeheartedly appreciate the number of sports that the site gives you access to, as well as the excellent odds they offer. In addition, the fact that we can get help at any time was also a great advantage for us.

These and many other things contributed to a very enjoyable time at Betsafe. We can already say that we would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new place to enjoy their sports betting time.

What we like about the website

It's not often that you'll find an online sports betting company that also provides players with a downloadable mobile app. Most of them are compatible with mobile phones, but you need to log in to the website from your device's browser. But not Betsafe.

The mobile app is free to download and includes both sports betting and casino platforms. All you need to do is log in with a standard username and password and you'll be able to use the same sports betting options. This makes it even easier to bet on the go, which we really appreciate.

We are also more than pleased with the number of sports you can bet on on the platform. You can easily see them on the left-hand side of the sports betting site, and the choices include popular sports such as football and basketball, as well as rarer ones such as swimming, Gaelic sports, orienteering and speedway.

Few things are more exciting at an online sports betting company than the opportunity to play a variety of sports. Betsafe is sure to impress in this respect, ensuring that you have plenty to choose from.

Another thing we would like to inform you about is that Betsafe also makes withdrawals within some of the fastest time frames we have ever seen. Typically, you have to wait around 24-48 hours for the sports betting company to approve your request. In general, this sports betting company has completely surpassed these timescales every time we have requested a withdrawal. Usually the confirmation is received within a couple of hours.

As gamblers, we want to be able to use our money as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That's why fast payouts are a really great feature of an online sports betting company. When Betsafe approves, withdrawals are usually quite fast themselves.


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